Below is the list of side events ordered by category. The side events will be held in Kigali. Only delegates who have registered and paid for the WCRP OSC can attend the side events.  For some side events, pre-registration may be necessary. 
For the .pdf of the program (as of 16 October 2023), click here.

Learning labs (LL)

Townhalls (TH)

Workshops and meetings (WM)

World Cafe & Mixer (CM)

Game (GA)

GA01: Journey of a Kigali Pixel - Game (23 & 26 Oct. lunchtime) - Joint ESA-ECMWF-EUMETSAT - Pre-registrations open


Events (by invitation only)

  • CLIVAR Scientific Steering Committee - 22 & 27 October
  • Monsoon Panel - 27 October - Afternoon
  • GPEX Science Team meeting



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