17-21 October

A F2F course of the EO AFRICA R&D Facility will take place in Kigali, Rwanda, in close cooperation with the World Climate Research Programme Open Science Conference 2023 (WCRP OSC). The course will take place on 17-21 October 2023, the week prior to the WCRP OSC.

This course introduces participants to Cloud Computing and its usage for Earth Observation (EO) data analyses. It starts with big geospatial data concepts and extends to Cloud Computing as one of the solutions for solving the problems of big EO data. The EO AFRICA Facility Innovation Lab will be introduced as an example of a cloud computing platform for working with EO data. We will cover Jupyter Notebooks and JupyterLab as the proper solution for developing analytical procedures accompanied with documentation on cloud computing platforms. In the next step, the course focuses on some of the Python libraries to develop programs that handle and analyze EO data. We will explain how participants can programmatically access different EO datasets using online catalogue services and DIAS platforms on the Innovation Lab and utilize the data in their algorithms.

Name of organizing project/institution:  EOAFRICA Reserach & Development Facility

Organizer:  Arno van Lieshout- University of Twente, The Netherlands

Targeted audience: Participants should reside in one of the African countries, should have an academic background related to Geoinformation/Earth Observation Science

Pre-registration: Application for selection should be done via the portal, click here. Deadline to apply: September 25, 2023

Logistics: Space is limited to max. 25 Participants



To receive information concerning the WCRP OSC 2023, please fill in the form available here, or contact us at WCRP-OSC23@wcrp-climate.org