Tuesday 24 October & Wednesday 25 October - Evening

The early career researchers network of networks (ECR NoN) is a unit within the framework of Future Earth. The ECR NoN consists of several networks of early career researchers. Some of these networks are: Young Earth System Scientists, Young Scholars Initiative, International Union For Conservation Of Nature Early Career Group, Youth Network-International Co-operative Alliance etc.

We aim to create a platform that brings together without prejudice to nationality, discipline, gender, race, and religion, early career researchers with works on sustainability. The subject of climate science is of primary importance to us. We operate in solidarity to maintain a network that brings together diverse works of early career researchers. 

The aim of the side event is to bring together early career researchers to share knowledge on the themes of the WCRP OSC 2023. At the side event, we hope to draw intersections between our diverse works and the conference themes. By so doing, contribute to bridging the knowledge gap on climate change. Middle career and fully established researchers shall be welcome at our side event. It is hoped these scholars would share their perspectives and serve as our mentors.

Our side event would be structured towards contributing to the content of WCRP OSC 2023 particularly from the early career perspectives. It shall also afford early career researchers an opportunity to gain deeper perspectives from our more established colleagues. Thus, it will serve as an avenue for networking and mentoring on climate change and the wider sustainability project.

Name of organizing project/institution:  Early Career Researchers Network of Networks

Organizer:  Ajibola Anthony Akanji - Lead City University, Nigeria

Targeted audience: Primarily Early Career Researchers from diverse background. Middle level and established researchers are welcome to help develop our expertise

Pre-registration: Required once registration to the WCRP Open Science Conference is complete and paid. To apply click here. Deadline July 30, 2023 




To receive information concerning the WCRP OSC 2023, please fill in the form available here, or contact us at WCRP-OSC23@wcrp-climate.org