Wednesday 25 October - Lunchtime

The role of the WCRP Academy LightHouse Activity is to equip current and future climate scientists with the knowledge, skills, and attributes required to tackle the world’s most pressing and challenging climate research questions.

The Academy does this through assessing requirements for climate research training in various contexts and building enabling mechanisms to facilitate this. It is a hub for climate science training opportunities, a marketplace that connects training providers with scientists who are seeking training.

This side event will provide an opportunity for groups and individuals who require training in some aspect of climate science to meet with groups and/or individuals who are able to provide the required training. It will provide the opportunity for groups to showcase their training opportunities through various media and connect with groups requiring that type of training. The training opportunities showcased would be both within the WCRP Core programmes and Lighthouse activities and outside the WCRP.

The event will also inform groups providing training on contexts their training programmes currently do not reach and how these opportunities may be realised. We envisage a pre-event survey of OSC participants to understand the appetite for the provision and uptake training opportunities that will set the backdrop for the event.

Furthermore, the event provides the opportunity for Academy members to map the training needs and opportunities space represented at the OSC, which will benefit the work of the Academy as it develops over the next few years.

Name of organizing project/institution:   WCRP Academy

Organizer:  Chris Lennard - University of Cape Town, South Africa and Melissa Hart, University of New South Wales, Australia

Targeted audience: Researchers in various climate science contexts; representatives of WCRP core programmes and LHAs; potential funders of training activities

Attendance: Open to all delegates registered for the WCRP Open Science Conference



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