Thursday 26 October - Lunchtime

The World Climate Research Programme My Climate Risk (MCR) Lighthouse Activity is focused on making climate science meaningful at local (community-based) scales. MCR consists of an international network of regional hubs focussed on developing alternatives to existing climate science and institutional frameworks that will inform and facilitate locally-driven climate solutions. In this learning lab initial best practices, lessons learned, and experiences will be shared, with opportunities for feedback from participants.

We propose to jointly explore the following questions that are  based on local and regional experiences in smaller groups: How can long-term partnerships be established between communities and the private and public sectors in the context of climate risk? What role does education (from elementary to post-secondary and beyond) play in democratizing climate science and society through a whole-of-community approach to climate risk? How can a causal framework be combined with local knowledge to i) address uncertainty inherent in a current prediction-based approach to climate science, ii) assess climate risk impacts, and iii) inform community-driven planning and preparedness in response to similar events in future? What are the current barriers to addressing climate risk locally and how can these be overcome?

Name of organizing project/institution:  My Climate Risk Hubs

Organizer: Anna Sörensson - Instituto Franco-Argentino sobre Estudios de Clima y sus Impactos (CNRS-IRD-CONICET-UBA), Argentina

Targeted audience: All participants

Attendance: Open to on site delegates for the WCRP Open Science Conference

Pre-Registration: Participation requires a confirmed registration for the WCRP Open Science Conference.  To pre-register to attend the side event, click here.



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