Day 1: Pre-OSC EMCR day (22 October 2023)

@ Kigali Convention Centre

The pre-OSC EMCR day's primary objectives are to build professional connections between EMCRs and prepare for the main Open Science Conference topics.

8:30-08:35 Opening of the Symposium
Prof. Dr. Detlef Stammer, Chair WCRP Joint Scientific Committee
08:35-08:50 Purpose, prospective outcomes of workshop & schedule
Dr. Hindumathi Palanisamy, Scientific officer, WCRP Secretariat
09:00-09:30 Introduction to the World Climate Research Programme
Dr. Pascale Braconnot,
Vice-Chair, WCRP Joint Scientific Committee
09:30-09:50 Climate Resilience : How EMCRs from Africa are involved?
Dr. Mouhamadou Bamba Sylla
, African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Kigali, Rwanda
09:50-10:15 How do African countries and small states meet their global environmental commitments?
Prof. Maria Ivanova, Northeastern University, Boston, U.S.A.
10:15 - 10:45 Short break
10:45 - 12:30 Break out session on OSC science themes
1). What are key climate research and knowledge gaps in the global South, and how can we advance climate science in and for the global South?
2). How do we create robust climate science information that is used at local scales?
3). How can EMCRs contribute to supporting policy making with climate science and knowledge, during the upcoming decade, also called the "decade of decisions?
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch break
 14:00 - 16:00  EMCR Workshop on ‘Effective science communication- from peer-reviewed articles, project proposals to public communication’
16:00 - 16:30 Short break
16:30 - 18:00 EMCR OSC poster presentation discussion
  Ice-Breaker Dinner

DAY 2: Post-OSC EMCR event (28 October 2023)

@AIMS Kigali

EMCRs to regroup and discuss various concrete outcomes of the OSC.

  • Brainstorm on a possible article based on the outcomes as well as how WCRP can help connect climate science and society through the EMCRs.
  • Define a workplan, team and set deadlines on the plan.
  • Discussions on ensuring active participation and integration of EMCRs within WCRP- examples through some short-term challenges/projects under the WCRP Light House Activities, etc.
Reflecting on the outcomes of the WCRP OSC and EMCRs’ role in WCRP/td>
12:00 onwards Meet up and lunch discussions with AIMS graduate students
13:30-15:00 Reflecting on the outcomes of the WCRP OSC and EMCRs’ role in WCRP
15:00 - 15:15 Short break
 15:15 - 17:15 Brainstorm Session: Article on how WCRP can help connect climate science and society through the EMCRs
17:15- 17:30 Wrap up of the Symposium
From 18:00 Dinner organized by AIMS

WCRP is also organizing two ‘Table Topics’ events in the evenings of 24 and 25 October that will be open to all EMCRs at the Open Science Conference. More information on the Table Topics here.

EMCRs will also be actively involved at the OSC main event. See main EMCR page for engagement goals.



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