Day 1: Pre-OSC EMCR Symposium (22 October 2023)

Morning Session
  • General opening of the Symposium followed by brief self-introduction of participants
  • Purpose, prospective outcomes of workshop & plan/schedule
  • Introduction of WCRP and its various activities to the participants
  • AIMS presentation: Climate Resilience: How are EMCRs from Africa involved?

Short break

  • Workshop/training session on a major topic of interest
  Lunch break

Afternoon Session

Science, services, and capacity building sessions

  • Policy makers and sponsors from the region (to be defined)
  • Break out group discussions on science themes: Discussions will take place in groups (number to be decided based on the total number of participants) on pre-chosen themes that will closely follow OSC’s Themes. A representative from each group will then share the outcomes of their group to everyone.

Short break

  • EMCRs present their posters that will be presented at the OSC to seek suggestions and ideas followed by general capacity building activities (discussions)

Ice-breaker dinner

Day 2: Post-OSC EMCR Symposium (27 or 28 October 2023)

Half a day or full day event, to be decided.

  • EMCRs to regroup and discuss various concrete outcomes of the OSC.
    • Brainstorm on a possible article based on the outcomes as well as how WCRP can help connect climate science and society through the EMCRs.
    • Define a workplan, team and set deadlines on the plan.
  • Discussions on ensuring active participation and integration of EMCRs within WCRP- examples through some short-term challenges/projects under the WCRP Light House Activities, etc.

EMCRs will also be actively involved at the OSC main event. See main EMCR page for engagement goals.



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