Hoping for a hybrid townhall event organized with CORDEX Africa Points of Contacts and participants form CORDEX Africa Analysis and CORDEX Africa Atlas groups.

We will here demonstrate what is ongoing and what has been achieved so far under the ‘umbrella’ of CORDEX.  It is important to demonstrate that CORDEX and WCRP are not only about models but also about producing and providing actionable information for society.
We want to create a platform for climate experts and climate stakeholders to meet and interact and exchange knowhow and experiences.

We want to highlight specific burning issues for various African regions and the possibilities and challenges they face. At COP in November there were discussion on funds for loss and damage – here CORDEX input would be greatly needed for the calculations.

We will demonstrate how CORDEX has been involved in adaptation design and showcase best practices/good examples of how regional information is useful in society.

We would try to involve for instance representatives from insurance companies and from other socio-economic sectors.

The goal is to identify pressing needs, challenges and possibilities and to help close the gap between the research community/climate information producers and the climate information users with focus on Africa. Can we contribute to better align towards the same goals?

A summary/report with the main take-home messages from the side event will be published on the cordex web and circulated in communities

Name of organizing project/institution:  CORDEX

Organizer:  Iréne Lake -  CORDEX/SMHI, Sweden

Targeted audience: CORDEX Africa participants, VIA experts, stakeholders and all kinds of users and decision makers from societal sectors



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