The Journey of a Kigali Pixel Masterclass is accompanied by a Journey of a Kigali Pixel Game, inviting conference participants to design and develop a climate data visualisation of Rwanda, using data journalism tools and data provided by the collaborating agencies. Leading data engineers will be available throughout the 4 days on the conference floor to support game participants, and their design of data visualisations. Prizes will be awarded to the designer of the most impressive Rwanda climate data visualisation on the last day of the conference, with a short accompanying talk on climate data journalism by the game hosts. This follows the Journey of a Pixel Game of LPS22 ( jointly produced and provided by ESA, ECMWF & EUMETSAT.


Name of organizing project/institution:   ESA, ECMWF, EUMETSAT

Organizer:  Ed Pechorro - ESA Climate Office, UK

Targeted audience: All participants



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