Monday 23 October - Lunchtime

Global Precipitation Experiment (GPEX) has been established as a cross-WCRP activity to bring the weather, water, and climate communities together to improve precipitation prediction skill across the weather,  subseasonal-to-seasonal, interannual and decadal timescales. To achieve this goal, there is a need to improve global precipitation datasets, advance process-level understanding, uncover sources of predictability, and reduce systematic errors in the global coupled models for improved precipitation prediction at different temporal and spatial scales. GPEX will gather national and international initiatives already in place on precipitation science and applications from both WCRP and non-WCRP programs, and in collaboration with WWRP and other international programs.

WCRP has appointed the GPEX Tiger Team to prepare a GPEX White Paper. The draft GPEX White Paper has been developed and reviewed by WCRP.  WCRP will appoint a GPEX Planning Group to prepare the GPEX Science and Implementation Plan which should be available by October 2023.

The official launch of GPEX as the new WCRP activity will be announced at the OSC and the high-level GPEX science vision and plan will be presented.  In this GPEX town hall meeting, the GPEX planning group will present the detailed science and implementation plans and get feedback from the community.  The meeting is an opportunity for WCRP Core Projects (such as, GEWEX, CLIVAR) and lighthouse activities to discuss their relevant ongoing activities and potential collaborations for future activities. Scientists and agencies from different countries can briefly present their ongoing relevant research and discuss future interests in contributing to GPEX and potential collaborations.

Name of organizing project/institution:  GPEX Tiger Team

Organizer: Jin Huang - NOAA Climate Program Office, USA

Targeted audience: The WCRP programs/projects and lighthouse activities, and the broader

Attendance: Open to all delegates registered for the WCRP Open Science Conference



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