Monday 23 October & Tuesday 24 October - Evening

A series of short talks by the Schmidt Futures Virtual Earth Systems Research Institute (VESRI) teams around driving large-scale and transformative impact in climate modelling.  The four VESRI teams are each composed of teams with members from 3 or 4 countries.  There are currently 4 VESRI teams with two more to be confirmed early in 2023.  The 4 current teams will give the following talks:

DataWave: Collaborative Gravity Wave Research
Toward an improved understanding and representation of atmospheric gravity waves (Aditi Sheshadri, Stanford University)

LEMONTREE: Landscape Ecosystem Models based On New Theory, obseRvations and ExperimEnts
Relationships between resprouting and fire regimes (University of Reading)

M2LInES: Multiscale Machine Learning In Coupled Earth System Modeling
Software and Infrastructure for Data-Intensive Climate Science (Columbia University)

SASIP: The Scale-Aware Sea Ice Project
Multi-scale sea ice and ocean modelling. Why and why now? (Brown University)

Additionally, the Institute of Computing for Climate Science (ICCS) is working across these teams.  ICCS works to advance climate science through computer science, software engineering, data science and AI.  ICCS is based at the University of Cambridge, and is also one of four Schmidt Futures Virtual Institutes of Scientific Software (VISS).  ICCS will provide a talk that covers the interdisciplinarity of their work, and its relation to identifying the gaps and opportunities revealed by their work.

 Name of organizing project/institution:  University of Cambridge

Organizer:  Marla Fuchs - University of Cambridge, UK

Targeted audience: All participants

Attendance: Open to all delegates registered for the WCRP Open Science Conference



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