Saturday 21 October - All day

The focus of the training workshops will be on best practice software engineering methods.  The ICCS team will take into consideration the breadth of skills and experience of those attending; hopefully information that can be provided once registration has taken place.  Broadly a proposed schedule would include the following series of workshops:

  • Using Git and GitHub effectively
  • Pairing and code review
  • Principles of correctness and testing
  • Introduction to GPU programming
  • Using types to rule out bugs: Python vs Fortran perspectives.

The workshops will be run by a member of the ICCS team with other members of the team available to support the participants throughout.  The sessions will be hands on, and require that all attendees have access to a computer to work through examples.

The troubleshooting repair cafe will be at the end of the workshop and be an opportunity for people to share pieces of their work and ask for help and ideas for tackling tricky issues.  For this session we will have a lightning round of 20 one-minute, single slide, presentations of snags/questions.  Subsequently, the group will break up to tackle these issues for the remainder of the session.  Our hope is that this session will serve to catalyse networking across disciplines and institutions at the conference,  enabling further collaboration and connections to be solidified throughout the week.

Name of organizing project/institution:  Institute of Computing for Climate Science, based at the University of Cambridge funded by Schmidt Futures

Organizer:  Marla Fuchs - University of Cambridge, UK and Danny Huang - University of Cambridge, UK

Targeted audience: Early - Mid career researchers and Research Software Engineers

Pre-registration: Participation requires a confirmed registration at WCRP Open Science Conference. Application should be done via the registration form, click here. The dealine is extended to: 31 August, 23:59pm AOE

Logistics: Participants must bring their own laptops



To receive information concerning the WCRP OSC 2023, please fill in the form available here, or contact us at