Monday 23 October - Evening

The political and historical legacies, along with socio-economic, scientific and technological development disparities between the Global South and the Global North bring extra difficulties to the Global South researchers for developing their investigations. Generating scientific collaborations among South and North are a way of reducing these disparities, particularly in a context of global change, where combined efforts are required due to the scale and urgency of the problems associated. However, developing these collaborations in a fair way turns out to be a great challenge due to the South-North inequalities. As an example, research topics and priorities are strongly determined by the North, given to the asymmetry in the amount of human, computational and observational resources and symbolic power. Moreover, studies show that the work dynamic in many South-North  collaborations, when they occur, have a colonial approach in which the North has the resources and thus they propose, finance and many times execute the studies, while the South’s participation is limited to applying the results or simply receiving the outputs in the form of a report. This occurs even in Global South countries with a vast scientific community.

In the context of the WCRP Open Science Conference, as early-mid career earth scientists belonging to the Young Earth System Scientists (YESS) community, we would like to propose a meeting to discuss the obstacles we face as early career earth scientists, especially from the Global South, and the way in which we can construct fair collaborations between the South and North.

Name of organizing project/institution:  Young Earth System Scientists (YESS) community

Organizer:  Nadia Testani - CIMA - CONICET, Argentina

Targeted audience: Scientists from Global North and South, especially but not exclusively mid-early career scientists

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