In the last few decades, there is a shift towards data-intensive activities in climate sciences. Consequently, this is leading to a displacement of other important foundational scientific activities, such as learning to pose relevant scientific questions or to challenge the current understanding of the climate system. There is an urgent need for a better balance between data-intensive and foundational climate science activities, more open-ended research opportunities that reinforce the scientific freedom of the early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs), and strong coordinated action to provide infrastructure and resources to the EMCRs working in under-resourced environments. This meeting aims to discuss these topics which lie at the heart of climate research and are now slowly becoming a structural issue. 

We aim for an inter-generational and interactive dialogue, and invite both early-mid career and established researchers to attend this meeting. The meeting will be run by the representatives from the Young Earth System Scientists (YESS) community and will be informed by the recent paper “Are we at risk of losing the current generation of climate researchers to data science?” (AGU Advances, doi: 2022AV000676

Name of organizing project/institution: Young Earth System Scientists (YESS)

Co-organizers: Shipra Jain - The University of Edinburgh, UK; Gaby S. Langendijk - Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), Germany;  Carla Gulizia - CIMA/CONICET-UBA, Argentina; Gerbrand Koren - Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Faten A. Bahar - University of Carthage, Tunisia.

Targeted audience: Early-mid career and established researchers



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