Earth in Box

Monday 23 October - Evening

Addressing global challenges such as climate change and answering complex research questions about the Earth System rely on scientific communities working across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, supported by effective access to heterogeneous multi-source Earth Observation science data, knowledge, and computing infrastructures.

Open Science can bring enormous value to these endeavours by offering interoperable systems working across domains with heterogeneous data and that make the scientific process as transparent (or open) as possible.

This hands-on training will introduce participants to the DeepESDL (Deep Earth System Data Lab), an AI-ready, collaborative environment enabling researchers to understand the complex dynamics of the Earth System using numerous datasets and multi-variate, empirical approaches. 

Participants will discover the wide variety of global observations and environmental and climate datasets and use them in a hosted Jupyter Lab environment to perform scientific investigations on various Earth systems in the cloud.

To learn more about the DeepESDL project visit:

Name of organizing project/institution:  This side event is organized by the European Space Agency together with the DeepESDL consortium: Brockmann Consult, University of Leipzig, EOX IT Services, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, SCADS.AI, and Earthwave

Organizer: Anca Anghelea - ESA, Italy

Targeted audience: New and moderate users of EO data for analysis and processing

Pre-registration: Participation requires a confirmed registration at WCRP Open Science Conference. Participation may be limited according to room capacity.
Application should be done via the registration form, click here

Logistics: Participants must bring their own laptops



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