Wednesday 25 October - Evening

Credible climate information, products and services are important elements in the decision-making matrix for effective climate risk management and support to adaptation options, particularly in the context of climate change, which threatens many facets of planetary inhabitability and human well-being. Operationalizing the provision of climate information services requires standards and a well-coordinated end-to-end institutional system that begins with monitoring and generating climate information of high quality and ends with a community level response. Furthermore, agile approaches are required to translate research into operational services and inform decisions that can account for climate risks and opportunities. 

This side-event outlines the World Meteorological Organization strategy for implementing the climate services information system (CSIS) at regional and national scales, highlighting linkages with research and operationalization efforts such as objective climate prediction approach that enable enhanced generation of regionally relevant climate information and tailored products, and emphasizes the importance of sustaining these efforts.

The concept note and programme can be found here.

Name of organizing project/institution:  World Meteorological Organization

Organizer:  Wilfran Moufouma Okia - World Meteorological Organization, Switzerland

Targeted audience: Climate research and operational community

Attendance: Open to all delegates registered for the WCRP Open Science Conference



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