Monday 23 October - Evening

The full report from the session can be found at the CORDEX website.

A workshop, learning lab bringing together CMIP and CORDEX  modellers and users. The focus will be on dialogue on the plethora of analysis and evaluation tools. The idea is to  showcase some tools and  their primary area of use and advantages as well as their limitations. We will also actively discuss how we can achieve more common community development to prevent duplication of effort and confusion for all levels of users and producers. This includes discussing what tools are suitable for what purpose, for instance if they work for both global, regional and very high-resolution models. Ideally a sort of guidance for users would be initiated. The workshop can also touch upon where and for what purpose global or regional/local models are best suited or adequate.

After initiating talks/demos in ‘plenary’ we will work in break-out groups to discuss identified sub-topics and to ensure many voices heard.  We hope to work both on site and online to maximise the possibilities to participate. The input from the break-out groups will be presented back in plenum.

A summary/report with the main take-home messages from the side event will be published on the cordex web and circulated in communities.

Name of organizing project/institution:  CORDEX and CMIP

Organizer:  Iréne Lake -  CORDEX/SMHI, Sweden

Targeted audience: Primarily climate modellers and VIA-experts (researchers and other users analysing data)

Attendance: Open to all delegates registered for the WCRP Open Science Conference

Pre-Registration: Participation requires a confirmed registration for the WCRP Open Science Conference.  To pre-register to attend the side event, click here.



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