Wednesday 25 October - Lunchtime

At COP26 (Glasgow), under the Climate Science Information for Climate Action Initiative, the GCF and WMO launched a suite of tools to assist stakeholders in incorporating climate science information into adaptation investments, plans and policies. These resources include an online Climate Information Platform (CIP), tools such as Climpact for the calculation of climate indices from historical data, and technical guidance with country case studies. The next phase of the ongoing joint collaboration aims to provide stakeholders globally with additional support through a combination of capacity development, hands-on technical support, and creating an online resource (climate information gateway) that provides guidance and easy access to a wider selection of authoritative methods, tools, and climate information. This workshop will also focus on maintaining and improving the CIP and tools in response to user feedback.

Name of organizing project/institution:   Climate Science Information for Climate Action - WMO and GCF

Organizer:  Roshni Dave - World Meteorological Organization, Switzerland

Targeted audience: WMO and GCF stakeholders such as NMHSs, Accredited Entities, National Designated Authorities...

Attendance: Open to all delegates registered for the WCRP Open Science Conference



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