June 2022

The Circle of Elements

1st WCRP-OSC23 circular

The imigongo are an art form popular in Rwanda, created by Rwandan artists according to their perceptions, likings and influences as well as the message they would like to share. Some art symbolizes the four universal elements: water, wind, earth and fire.

With this in mind, the Kigali-based company iBlue Concepts has created a design that uses imigongo symbols, combining them with symbols of the universal elements of water, wind and earth to create a logo for the WCRP OSC2023.

The colors used in the logo reflect the colors in the Rwanda flag, which are also similar to those in the WCRP logo.



To receive information concerning the WCRP OSC 2023, please fill in the form available here, or contact us at WCRP-OSC23@wcrp-climate.org