All participants who had their posters accepted, and have registered for the WCRP OSC, are invited to upload their posters to the Oxford Abstract hybrid platform in the poster gallery by 27 October 2023.

Only PDF files are accepted for the poster upload. The maximum file size is 10MB. Format for posters in the Poster Gallery can be portrait or landscape.

In addition to uploading your poster as a PDF, you also have the opportunity to:

  • Upload a YouTube or Vimeo link with a presentation of your poster. This will also be displayed in the online poster gallery.
  • Schedule a live one-to-one Q&A session by providing either a Zoom or Teams link, to offer the opportunity for attendees to join you online to discuss your poster at a convenient time
    for you.



To receive information concerning the WCRP OSC 2023, please fill in the form available here, or contact us at